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Tavern Troupe Performing Order: Shaylynne's Sesquicentennial Soiree [DR Prime]
Simutronics General Events -- All are invited!
Time: Around 9:00pm EDT
Location: [Yulugri Wala, Smoking Room] in Arthe Dale.
General Info: <span>Please join us as we fete the transcendent achievements of Almarius' Tree Mom, Shaylynne Kendialahle, in lavish style!  Enjoy games, gifts and refreshments to celebrate the completion of her 150th advancement as a Ranger.</span><br><span> </span><br><span>Directions from inside the gates of Arthe Dale:</span><br><span>Go north x4, east x3, northeast x2, east, go door, west, climb stair. </span>