SimuCon 2024
Posted on 06/18/2024 02:35 PM CDT by Producer

Badge - Required for Attendance
All attendees must display their badge at all times while in the official event rooms.
Attendee Goodie Bag

Extra Special Item!
This an ADDITIONAL special item!

Character Portrait
A rendering of your character, copy to be provided to you and included in your character's LOOK in game.
Provide your character's full LOOK description.  Include as much detail as possible to convey to the artist a clear vision of your character.
 - You may note one or two items that you want specifically depicted.  If you prefer a certain pose, specify it.
You will be provided with a composite sketch and allowed one round of revision before the final product is completed.
Images will be delivered in the following formats -

Fashion Consult
The buyer can work with a GM to design and obtain 3 custom-feature mirrors and 2 general item alterations.
Custom Room
Purchaser will work with a GM to create a unique room that will be deployed to all instances of the game.

Custom Siegery Set
This package contains:

D&D One-Shot Game
Participate in one of the Elanthia-themed One-Shot campaigns. You will receive a pouch of dice to play the game with!
Lunch with Simutronics
Participate in the small group lunch on Friday at noon with DR PM Lyneya, GS PM Wyrom, and Simutronics CEO Skippy, and Chris in Billing.

Sip & Paint
Join professional 3D artist Jonathan Bombard as he guides you through an evening of painting your very own miniature! Each step will be explained and demonstrated, along with some helpful tips and tricks to bring out the best in your statue.
This price includes a unique to SimuCon 2024 collectible statue only available through the box office, as well as all of the supplies you'll need to complete it - you just need to bring your own booze! Registered guests who want to get a lot of paint time in may wish to bring a hair dryer, but it is not required. You may also bring your own painting supplies if you wish.

Simu Swag
SimuCon branded bag containing:

Non-Attendee Goodie Bag