Return to the Keep!
Posted on 07/18/2019 02:12 PM CDT by Producer


The Elpalzi Have Returned!

Authorities have confirmed that the rumors of strange hooded figures lurking around Ulf’Hara Keep were true. The Elpalzi have returned in full force!

Elanthia is counting on you! Lord Zukir asks that you report to The Ruins of Ulf’Hara starting tonight at 9pm ET and help defend the keep from the Elpalzi.


For those who have never participated before, The Ruins of Ulf’Hara are filled with exciting things to do, such as:
- Assisting Lord Zukir in defending Ulf’hara Keep from Elpalzi, undead, and looters!

- Resupplying the front lines!

- Securing priceless treasures!

- Tracking down missing people!

- And more!


For those who have participated before, several new features have been implemented to make your Ruins of Ulf’Hara experience even better. These changes include:

1. Task reject timer changed to 5 minutes

2. Kill tasks now award kills and loot to anyone in the room (you can pair up)

3. Reduced the number of safes and boxes you have to pick in the sewers

4. Increased kill task item drop rate


And of course, the rewards for your assistance are better than ever!

- New Mysandas - Not just for mana anymore!  Concentration, Fatigue, Spirit, and Vitality all have their own mysanda types!  The gath mysanda will still serve to hold mana.

- New Almanac for the lore skillset!

- Unlimited Locksmith Trainers!

- Reset-able Magical Transportation Devices!

- Feature Mirrors Galore!  Customize your face!


And many old favorite items are also still available!