Duskruin Bank Heist!
Posted on 03/14/2019 11:03 AM CDT by Webstaff

Duskruin Bank Heist

Who Will You Side With?

Duskruin: The Bank Heist begins

Friday, March 15th at 9PM Eastern!


Utterings of a plan to break into The Duskruin Vault have spread across Elanthia. What began as simple whispers among bandits has grown into a legitimate conspiracy. For the first time ever, the priceless artifacts stored within the massive concrete walls of the vault are in jeopardy.

There’s ample opportunity awaiting, and three different groups have emerged with three very different motives.

In the northeast corner of Duskruin, near the bank, you will find representatives from three different factions. Hold a slip and go to the faction of your choice to start the heist!

Depending on how you align yourself, your Bank Heist experience will be very different. You’ll have a limited amount of time to traverse rooms, solve puzzles, and stand up to whatever enemies may stand in your way. Those who successfully complete the heist will be rewarded handsomely.

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Returning Duskruin Favorites:

Don't Miss Out!

Grab your dueling slips as soon as you can!  The Ratacombs, Arena and the new Bank Heist all use these (or old rat tokens if you still have them!).

Slips go on sale in the SimuCoin Store at NOON Eastern on the 15th!  The event will open around 9PM Eastern and runs until March 31st!  Slips will stop being sold around 11PM Eastern on the 31st -- you'll have a little time after that to finish using what you have!