Enchanting In DR:Test!
Posted on 03/01/2019 09:40 PM CST by DR-KODIUS

Howdy everyone! Any interested peoples are invited to come over to the Test instance and play around with the new Artificing and Sigil Harvesting systems.

The only Society present at the moment is located near the Bard Shop in Riverhaven. Others are currently in QC and will be added when ready. For testing, prices for everything needed have been reduced to 1 lirum to help folks test. There's also a crate with all the secondary sigils to help folks that don’t feel like playing with harvesting. You may find it helpful to purchase the artificing book and read through the Chapter 1 pages as they try to explain each mechanic in some detail, just like the other systems.

Artificing is analogous to Blacksmithing in that it contains most of the foundation tools and techniques. Binding will be released next and contain flares, seeker enchantments and plenty of fun augmentations for your equipment. Artificing needs to be tested thoroughly first, as it is the foundational system in the bunch. And well, it’ll be a heck of a lot easier to fix widespread bugs or complaints now before everything is out and in use!

Additional information will be posted in the Enchanting folder. It would help us if everyone will post questions, concerns, bugs and suggestions in that topic to be sure the feedback is seen! Thank you in advance for any help with testing this out!