Posted on 12/12/2018 03:33 PM CST by SIMU-WYROM

Duskruin: Bloodgames

Starting Friday, December 14th at 9pm ET!

Battle for blood in Duskruin Arena, acquire riches in the Bank Heist, or discover the lost treasures within the Sewers!  Hitch a ride to Bloodriven Village and begin your adventure or continue where you left off!  Brave the snowstorms and blizzards as you trek toward the DragonSpine Mountains during this wintery season!

Introducing the Treasure Trove, a brand new way to obtain some of the most coveted items in Elanthia!  The Treasure Trove will have a single item for sale at a time, with four others on display.  You can learn more about each item by inspecting them and discovering their properties. Once the item on sale sells or if enough time passes, a new item from the display will be rotated in and the display will be refreshed with another item.  The Trove is packed with many one-of-a-kind items that you'll not want to miss!

Duskruin Arena is back in full swing for solo matches, duos, and trios!  Face waves of enemies to test your strength in the timed matches.  New champions have entered the fray, a fearsome shan and a battle-marred hisskra.  If you need some time to muster up the courage to enter the arena, make your way to the Bloodriven Sewers and contemplate your tactics while searching and sifting through the the abandoned caches.

The Bank of Bloodriven is still being plundered and the three opposing factions still need your support.  Stop the thieves by enlisting with the Silent Investors or join the Ophidian Cabal to slip past those vigilantes.  Or perhaps meet with the Poisoned Heretics who have a much more grim need of you.  Whichever you choose, you'll want to get your hands on the twelve priceless artifacts and be lucky enough to procure the rare and famed blood crystal.  In exchange for these fabled valuables, you'll receive a treasure sack that will aid you greatly in storing your own inventory.

New this run are the following:

As a special thank you, GIFTBOX will be available for a Duskruin-themed prize pack throughout the run of Duskruin!  Be sure to take advantage of this completely free offer in-game by simply typing GIFTBOX in game!

The games begin December 14th at 9pm ET! 

Be sure to have a stamped voucher to get started!