The Duskruin Dig
Posted on 02/15/2018 01:41 PM CST by SIMU-WYROM

Duskruin Dig


Beginning Friday, February 16th, at 9pm EST, the way to Bloodriven Village returns!  While the arena closes during the colder months, the sewers will be available for the first time ever during the dig!  Choose between unique treasure to be unburied in the tombs or fistful of bloodscrip to be found in the sewers!

A new BLOODRUNE has been discovered that could transform one into a griffin!  Two varieties can be found, the war griffin and the storm griffin.  Will you be the first to hone the LEGENDARY BLOODRUNE?  One is in the sewers the other is in the dig!

The smithy will be open during this run of Duskruin.  You will be able to find invites in the sewers.  And the blacksmith has removed the service limits from a single item.  You will be able to go beyond 25 services if you have the bloodscrip for it!

The High End Scrip Shop will also be returning with some new limited gear to be purchased!

The Dig is locked and loaded with hundreds of unique treasures!  

Tokens and pickaxes go on sale in the SimuCoin Store at 9pm EST on Friday!