Su Helmas: The Forbidden Temple
Posted on 07/21/2017 02:03 PM CDT by Producer




The ward has been breached.

The doors have been opened.

Prepare to join the team as they infiltrate

Su Helmas: The Forbidden Temple!

Thanks to the efforts of brave and steadfast adventurers, the wards blocking entry into the antechamber of the temple of Su Helmas have been defeated.  The expedition is prepared to take their first steps inside and wants you to help them once again!

The first of Su Helmas' many secrets are ready to be discovered, as spectral images of the past play out and, if pieced together properly, may reveal what happened to the G'nar Pethians so many years ago.




Su Helmas: Breached!

Beginning Friday, September 22nd at 9pm Eastern, adventurers from across Elanthia will storm Su Helmas to search for power, treasure, and LUCK!


The temple has been opened and it's secrets laid bare!  


Warriors battle their way through the ancient burial site and secure safe passage upon the hanging garden while scholars can attempt to unravel the visions inside, discovering the true history of the G'nar Pethians!  The grounds are open from September 22nd until October 1st, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the danger and mystery at Su Helmas!

Will you succeed in unraveling the mystery?


SAND GOLEMS, CLOCKWORK MONSTROSITIES, ARISEN GHOULS, AND MORE!  Do battle and earn fame while you work to study the secrets in the antechamber!  


And what’s this?  Another ward??  SOLVE THE PUZZLE of the barrier blocking further exploration of the temple!


And There is Even MORE Going on at Su Helmas!



Claim your FAME at the Forbidden Temple!

Make your mark in history!

Be the first to study the secrets inside Su Helmas!


See you then, if you’re brave enough!