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Order of the Apostles: World Jousting Tournament - Zoluren Qualifier [DR Prime]
Simutronics General Events -- All are invited!
Time: Around 8:00pm EDT
Location: [Apostle Headquarters, Jousting Field] in Crossing.
General Info: Calling all jousters and spectators! The Orders of Elanthia are hosting a World Jousting Tournament over the next several weeks. There will be a series of five qualifiers to determine a winner from each of the five provinces. The winner of each qualifier will move on to compete in the grand finale for a chance to become the best of the best! To round out the exciting series of events, there will be a grand ball to celebrate all the competitors and the finale winner's achievement! Tonight, the Order of the Apostles invites everyone to join them for the second qualifier in the series and the winner will represent the province of Zoluren. So grab your horse, tack, armor and shield and join in for a chance to compete in the finale! If you're not into jousting, that's okay too! Everyone is welcome to enjoy the fun and cheer on your favored competitor! Food and drinks will be provided, with prizes and a gift for all who attend. Directions from outside the Crossing Barbarians' Guild: Go west, west, go archway, north.