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[Prime - Global Storyline] Ta'Illistim - Formal Court Session
Simutronics General Events -- All are invited!
Time: Around 4:00pm EDT
Location: The Keep, Ta'Illistim
General Info: The Seneschal of Ta'Illistim Keep is commanded to invite all citizens and residents to a public audience to be given by Argent Mirror, Myasara Illistim. The audience will take place on Feastday, the 18th day of Charlatos, 5123, at 4:00 pm elven time.<br><br>The court cautions all who attend to dress and act appropriately and make sure to secure and put away their weapons in the presence of the Mirror.<br><br> <a href="https://gswiki.play.net/Protocol_and_Etiquette:_Behavior_Within_the_Court_of_the_Illistimi_Elves"><u><u><u><u><u><u>https://gswiki.play.net/Protocol_and_Etiquette:_Behavior_Within_the_Court_of_the_Illistimi_Elves</u></u></u></u></u></u></a><br><br>The session will be guided in the following order: <br><br>Processional:  Various members of the government will be announced, according to the station, as they process into the Argentate.