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Order of the Dragon Shield: Siksrajan Rendezvous-Celebration of Love
Simutronics General Events -- All are invited!
Time: Around 10:00pm EST
Location: Meeting up at the 'bin' in Langenfirth, then heading to the Dzirta Nars (Pack House) in Siksraja.
General Info: <span><span>There always seems to be an excess of feeling in the air this time of year, and the </span><span>Dragon Shield and Dzirta</span> <span>Sfek</span><span> Vauns </span><span>Arotru</span><span> are celebrating the way they know best - with the love of the pack!  Join us for an evening of honoring the relationships that make us whole, in any </span><span>capacity</span><span>.  Bring a song, an ode, a performance to commemorate those that mean the most to you, and enjoy others while dining on the finest food and drink the Order has to offer.</span></span><span> </span><br><span>  </span>