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Sigzil Alters Foci for Estate Holders in Fang Cove
Simutronics General Events -- All are invited!
Time: Around 4:00pm EDT
Location: Fang Cove, Cabana
General Info: Focuswright Sigzil Ranivast will be altering ritual and TM foci for five lucky Estate Holders. Sigzil offers the following services:<br><ul><li>customizing the tap/look/read of ritual and TM foci</li><li>creating new ritual foci from mundane items (not scripted or enchanted) provided by the client</li><li>changing the realm (mana type) which ritual foci are attuned</li></ul><br>All other <a href="https://elanthipedia.play.net/Alteration#Items">alteration rules</a> apply. <b>Sigzil will not</b>:<br><ul><li>change where an item is worn</li><li>reduce the amount of time it takes to invoke a focus</li><li>create a new TM focus</li><li>change the realm (mana type) of a TM focus</li><li>change anything about the stats or mechanics of a TM focus</li></ul><br>For details, see notes from the Premium session of 5/30/2021: <a href="https://elanthipedia.play.net/Sigzil">https://elanthipedia.play.net/Sigzil</a>