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Tavern Troupe Performing Order: Spontaneous Story Spectacular
Simutronics General Events -- All are invited!
Time: Around 10:00pm EDT
Location: [Rest of Ages Inn, Gulthorn's Hearth Room] in Leth Deriel.
General Info: <span>Join the Tavern Troupe for a night of fun and on-the-spot stories at the 'Spontaneous Story Spectacular!'  Brave, adlib-loving participants will be shown an item to make up a story about.  Winners will be decided by an audience vote and get to take the item home with them, giving them yet another story to tell!</span><br><span> </span><br><span>Directions from inside the northwest gate of Leth Deriel:</span><br><span>Go southeast, northeast x3, east, south, west, go tree. </span>