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[Prime] Under the Forge and Dreaming - Ta'Illistim (rescheduled)
Simutronics General Events -- All are invited!
Time: Around 9:00pm EDT
Location: Ta'Illistim, Crafters Courtyard
General Info: Join Blacksmith Grawlix for drinking by the forges with a side of WPS. He will spin for 5 winners to add up to 25 services of weighting, padding, or sighting. Only one type may be added per winner. Come early and stay late in case Grawlix offers other services. Notes: Citizenship is not required. F2P accounts will not be eligible. Those selected MUST have their equipment in their inventory. No passing items or leaving the room, so bring backups. Bank runners are available, and Grawlix promises to pass on any tips for their hard work.