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[PRIME] Grand Banquet
Simutronics General Events -- All are invited!
Time: Around 7:00pm EST
Location: Zul Logoth
General Info: <html-blob><p><span>Clan Leader Rodverg of Zul Logoth invites all dwarves and everyone of festive spirit around Elanthia to the Crystalline Caverns in Zul Logoth to enjoy a Grand Banquet on the last Restday of Eoantos!</span></p><p><span>On Day of the Huntress the 25th preparation for the banquet will begin.  Opportunistic merchants will set out carts with goods for sale of interest to blacksmiths and hunters.</span></p><p><span>On Feastday the 26th at 830pm Master Blacksmith Igvan offers Zul Logoth citizen services, and holds open raffles for rare forging slabs and a very special weapon.</span></p><p><span>On Restday, Eoantos 27th, Brother Bixsby of the Temple in Zul Logoth holds a discourse on Eonak at 530pm before the Grand Banquet hosted by Clan Leader Rodverg at 7pm.  </span></p><p><span>More merchants may appear in the tunnels over the three days of 25th - 27th.  The Grand Banquet itself is simply a social event where participants eat, drink, tell stories, sing songs, and be thankful!</span></p><p><b><span>SCHEDULE SUMMARY</span></b><span> (all times EST)</span><span><br></span><span><br></span><span>Fri Nov 25th 600pm - Merchant Carts Set Out<br>Sat Nov 26th 830pm - Igvan provides Zul Logoth Citizen WPS<br>Sat Nov 26th 930pm - Igvan Raffles Rare Slabs & Special Weapon<br>Sun Nov 27th 530pm - Bixsby Holds Discourse on Eonak<br>Sun Nov 27th 700pm - The Grand Banquet Hosted by Clan Leader Rodverg</span></p></html-blob>