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Twilight Hall's 24th Anniversary Celebration
Simutronics General Events -- All are invited!
Time: Around 7:00pm EST
Location: Twilight Hall, Wehnimer's Landing
General Info: <br><span>Eoantos 16 - 21, join the officers and members of Twilight Hall for a full week of exciting events and amazing raffles in celebration of our 24th anniversary!  Start the week off by visiting the House at the north end of West Ring Road in Wehnimer’s Landing for your annual anniversary souvenirs.  Events planned include a parade, magical memories, Chefs of Elanthia, Terasian darts, a piercing party, and a brand new event called Jack-in-a-Box!  Many raffle items including a zesty runestaff sling with wizard lore, a sigil staff, a seven times enchanted perfect maul that is twice ensorcelled, an eight times enchanted rolaren shield that is twice ensorcelled, a seven times enchanted runestaff that is twice ensorcelled with acid flares, and a six times enchanted robes twice ensorcelled!  You won’t want to miss it!</span><br><span><br></span><span>Please view our calendar at </span><a href="http://twilight.theyeti.org/calendar.html"><span>http://twilight.theyeti.org/calendar.html</span></a><span> for full details on all events and raffles.</span>