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(Premium) Ezmerilla Alters Just-One-Thing
Simutronics General Events -- All are invited!
Time: Around 5:30pm EDT
Location: Mist Harbor, Firefly Villa, Porch
General Info: Ezmerilla is coming to alter just one thing about your items. What does that mean? Just one thing means - lighten, deepen, or a cosmetic change to your item of JUST ONE WORD. For instance, "a light blue vultite falchion" can become "a light pink vultite falchion." Or "a pair of knitted wool socks" can become "a pair of holey wool socks." Note, base materials on combat gear cannot change, so no turning your vultite sword into a mithril sword, etc. Accent materials can change, though rare materials must be provided. Normal ALTER rules still apply.