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Obsidian Tower Telling: The Khanshael Dwarves of Sharath
Simutronics General Events -- All are invited!
Time: Around 7:45pm EDT
Location: Hearthstone Courtyard, Wehnimer's Landing
General Info: Join the Obsidian Tower on Feastday, the 12th day of Phoenatos, in the year 5117 at 8:00 PM Elven time to hear the tale of how the Khanshael dwarves of Sharath were enslaved and ultimately won their freedom through sheer determination and brilliance, becoming the most trusted allies of the Dhe'nar. There will be plenty of time for questions afterward, and all complainants will be fed to the moss in the dungeon. Please meet at 7:45 PM Elven time in Hearthstone Courtyard to be escorted to the Obsidian Tower. Latecomers will wait in a cell until they are fetched, or perish. Halflings are encouraged to jump off a cliff in lieu of attending. Gnomes optional.