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Order of the Iron Circle: The Islands After Hours [DR Prime]
Simutronics General Events -- All are invited!
Time: Around 9:30pm EST
Location: Meeting up at Joirin's Puzzles on the southern part of Aesry's second tier.
General Info: <span><span><span>Join the members of the Iron Circle for a friendly evening of conversation, mischief, and rum!  Come for the atmosphere, but be warned: anything can happen on the islands... after hours!</span></span><br><span><span><br></span></span><br><span><span>Directions:</span></span><br><span><span>Take the dirigible from Shard to Aesry.  Joirin's Puzzels is on the southern side of the second tier, along with the Agility training in their back room.  If the moons cooperate, a moongate will be available from Crossing's Town Green Southeast.</span></span></span>