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[Premium] Animal Companion Raffle
Simutronics General Events -- All are invited!
Time: Around 11:00am EDT
Location: FWI; Wisteria Land and Daisy Avenue
General Info: Zendrian invites animal companions to have their rangers enter a raffle for a grooming session. The winning ranger does not need to be present at the raffle, merely logged in. If the winner is not present, please be sure your play.net email address is up to date. Only rangers with companions should enter the raffle, as the win is not transferable, and only rangers level 30 and up can enter the wagon. This is a delayed win, as it will require QC. The winner must submit their alteration within one week of the drawing or it will be considered forfeit. Tickets are 25,000 silvers and the rickety wagon is on the corner of Wisteria Lane and Daisy Avenue.