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[Prime] A Wedding in Ta'Nalfein
Simutronics General Events -- All are invited!
Time: Around 11:00am EST
Location: Ta'Nalfein
General Info: The owners of A Twist of Roses in Ta'Illistim have been busy planning the wedding for one of their own, and it is time for the happy day! Lady Caelesta and her fiance, Valciaran, invite all their adventuring friends to their wedding in Ta'Nalfein on the 10th of Eorgaen.  Held mid-morning, the wedding will be followed by a reception with food, drink, and dancing.  Come to enjoy the city of Ta'Nalfein, the food and drink, and of course, Lord Yfane's opinions on everyone's attire. [Sunday, December 10th, 11 am ET in Ta'Nalfein]