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[Prime] Weaponmaster Wilkes Works on Animalistic Spirits
Simutronics General Events -- All are invited!
Time: Around 10:00am EDT
Location: Helga's Tavern, Dining Hall, Wehnimer's Landing
General Info: Weaponmaster Wilkes will be arriving in the Dining Hall of Helga's Tavern in Wehnimer's Landing on Saturday, March 18th at 10:00 AM EST.  He will be ONLY working on Animalistic Spirit items (weapon, shield, armor, or headdress). For those selected for service, customers can choose ONE (1) of the following: * Full Alteration of their Animalistic Spirit item, along with optional change of their spirit's color and ONE (1) other minor change to their spirit's other attributes (IE, animal noun but nothing else). OR * Full alteration of the spirit within their Animalistic Spirit item (includes: noun, noise, group noun, descriptor, color). NOTE: Wilkes CANNOT change the overall group of your Animalistic Spirit - a certificate must be bought to change the group at Duskruin. The cost for service will be 100,000 silvers. Please come prepared with backup choices for any spirit alterations, especially for group nouns.