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Duskruin: Bank Heist! (DR Prime)
Simutronics General Events -- All are invited!
Time: Around 8:00pm EDT
Location: init
General Info: Duskruin is here once again!  Whether you're eager to vanquish enemies, find a new pet, or just spend time spectating the games with your friends, there's something for everyone!<br><ul><li>Compete against mighty foes in the arena to prove your gladiatorial prowess!</li><li>Scurry about the labyrinth in search of a new pet!</li><li>Take on Plixbraggle's goats on the agility course!</li><li>Choose a role in the all new bank heist event!</li><li>Earn bloodscrip to claim new and powerful prizes!</li><li>...and so much more!</li></ul><br>Arena slips go on sale the afternoon of Friday, March 15th and will remain available until Sunday, March 31st!  Portals to Duskruin will open around 9PM Eastern March 15th!  Don't miss out; join in today!