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[Prime] GHOUL (Flex Start Time)
Simutronics General Events -- All are invited!
Time: Around 10:30pm EDT
Location: Ebon Gate - Caligos Isle - Murk Manor, Greenhouse
General Info: <span><b><i>NOTE: The 10/14 session of GHOUL will begin only after Caligos Comestibles (Live Game) concludes; the calendared time is a rough estimate and will change depending on the real-time length of the noted Live Game.</i></b></span><br><span><b></b></span><br><span><b>Trek on over to the greenhouse behind Murk Manor, ready your daubers, and join us for an eel-ectrifying session of GHOUL!</b><br>&nbsp;</span><br><span>GHOUL is a traditional BINGO-style game.&nbsp; The current year's rules and "how to" of the game are detailed on a sign inside the greenhouse.&nbsp; Participation in GHOUL requires: (1) a Caligos Isle Service Pass; (2) an unused and valid GHOUL card for each "game" (valid cards can ONLY be purchased at the CURRENT year's festival, and they must remain blank until the game starts); and (3) a dauber in order to mark your GHOUL card.</span><span></span><br><span><span><span>&nbsp;</span></span></span><br><span><span><span>See FESTIVAL 7 for more information, including location, stipulations, and the full GHOUL schedule.</span></span></span><span></span><br><span><b>&nbsp;</b></span><br><span><b>Service &amp; Raffles Pass</b><br><br>This is a per-character pass that lasts for the duration of the event (through October 31). If you plan to enter raffles and/or receive merchant services (including but not limited to GALD, unlock services, etc.) you will need to purchase a Service &amp; Raffles Pass. Live Games and GHOUL also require this pass for participation.</span>