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[Platinum] - Ebon Gate Live Games Week
Simutronics General Events -- All are invited!
Time: Around 8:00pm EDT
Location: The Gallivant & Gallivant Manor, Naidem
General Info: Greetings, all!  It's that time of the year -- time to prepare for the Ebon Gate Live Games!  Information on live entries for GHOUL and the Costume Contest will be done separately.  <br><br><b>Location:  Gallivant Manor & Grounds</b><br>Find [Innocent's End, The Explorers] (8083120) and wander down the byway then go southeast.  For events taking place in The Gallivant, you can GO MARQUEE here.  Otherwise, head down the mossy cobblestone path to look for your location.<br><br><b>Requirements: </b> Requires the games pass.<br><br><b>Platinum Schedule (all times ET):</b><br>10/1 - 4 pm, Cryptic Chronicles, [Abandoned Cemetery] (8085034)<br>10/1 - 6 pm, Blind Luck, [The Gallivant, Marquee] (8085023)<br>10/2 - 9 pm, Pyrestarters, [Bonfire of the Gallivants] (8085033)<br>10/3 - 9 pm, Spooky Ciphers, [Gallivant Manor, Library] (8085065)<br>10/4 - 9 pm, Haunted Spirits [Gallivant Manor, Kitchen] (8085062)<br>10/5 - 9 pm, Wheel of Misfortune, [Under the Manor] (8085066)<br><br><b>Judging Info (for Cryptic Chronicles, Haunted Spirits, and Pyrestarters)</b><br>Content:  Was the content of your presentation good?  Did you manage to meet or exceed the requirements?<br>Style and Flair:  How well did you present your offering?  Creative use of ACTs, SMILEs, and other RP tools like speech, tone, or items count too!<br>Theme:  Was your presentation keeping with the theme of the event?  If it's a spooky tale contest, did you tell a spooky tale?<br>Time Management:  How well did you manage time?  Do not go over, but do not be too short either!