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[CHE] Silvergate Inn's Harvest Festival
Simutronics General Events -- All are invited!
Time: Around 8:00pm EDT
Location: Silvergate Inn & Other Locales
General Info: <html-blob>Silvergate Inn's Harvest Festival!<br>September 22-24<br><br>Join Silvergate Inn for Harvest Festival fun! We shall be playing games of chance, of humor, and of death! <br><br>Our Schedule is as follows:<br>September 22, 7pm, Silvergate Meadow: Bob for an Apple! And hear about the Blackthorne's mystery!<br><br>September 22, 8pm, Silvergate Meadow: Enjoy a dip in the dunk tank!<br><br>September 23, 7pm, Silvergate Meadow: Wheel of Danger! Come and spin the wheel to see what fate brings you! Death is a possibility so bring your good humor and make sure you have deeds!<br><br>September 23, 8:30pm, Silvergate Grand Hall: Bloody Trick or Treat! Knock on one of our famous guestrooms and see if you get a pail of goodies or a lightning bolt to the face! All maiming and dismemberment done in good fun!<br><br>September 24, 8pm, Silvergate Inn's Harvest Murder Ball - come take a spin on the dancefloor and solve a crime!<br><br>Events may be added as we grow closer to the Harvest Fest so please keep an eye on Miss Newsby!</html-blob>