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[Platinum] Duskruin Arena
Simutronics General Events -- All are invited!
Time: Around 9:00pm EST
Location: Bloodriven Village
General Info: Ready to test your mettle against the champions of the <a href="https://gswiki.play.net/Duskruin_Arena">Duskruin Arena</a>?  The shopkeepers and traders of <a href="https://gswiki.play.net/Bloodriven_Village">Bloodriven Village</a> will also be opening their doors to adventurers, selling their wares for bloodscrip won in the Arena.  Type <b>QUEST TRANSPORT DUSKRUIN</b> to travel to the event from anywhere in Elanthia beginning on Friday, February 7th at 9 PM Eastern and tentatively closing at 11:59 PM Eastern on February 23rd.